July 18, 2024


History and background

Globalization of agriculture with establishment of WTO has put Indian Farmers in general and Andhra Pradesh farmers and processors in particular to face challenges with products coming from other countries at low cost and of high quality. It has thrown challenges and opportunities to Indian Agriculture. To face such challenges, Farmers and processors have to reduce their cost of production by way of efficient utilization of costly inputs, seeds and fertilizers, water, agricultural machinery, processing methods etc.


Agricultural Engineering can play a key role in not only for efficient utilization of costly inputs but also help in timely operation and reduce physical drudgery with cost, time and labour saving Agricultural Engineering technologies and related equipment and machinery. They can help to increase production, productivity and improve the quality to meet straight quality standards of both domestic as well as International Markets. They can help in bringing more area under cultivation with Agricultural machinery and mechanization, by efficient water management, irrigation and drainage facilities and conserve soil and water to give maximum production with increased efficiency. Appropriate post harvest technology, Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering activities will help for better handling, processing, scientific storage, by products utilization and value addition. This in turn would help to increase profits and facilitates establishments of Agro Processing industries in rural areas.


In this context, there is a need of Agricultural Engineering Graduates to address the above said issues. The College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla has been producing about 60 Agricultural engineers every year. The number of graduates is not sufficient to meet the present needs of Andhra Pradesh. Therefore, a second college was started at Madakasira of Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh to produce another 35 Agricultural Engineering Graduates every year to serve the needs of Andhra Pradesh Agriculture. Anantapur district has rain fed agriculture. Ground nut is the major crop grown. The average annual rain fall is about 550mm. The soils in the district are mostly light soils with less water holding capacity and sloppy in nature. Due to uneven rainfall during crop season and other unfavorable conditions farmers are getting very low yields and not able to meet the production cost also. With this back ground, the college of Agricultural Engineering, Madakasira was established on 6th November 2008 with an intake of 5 students initially.

College of Agricultural Engineering, Madakasira: The College Building has been constructed with a total out lay of Rs.5 crores under able leadership and guidance of Minister for Revenue Sri.N.Raghuveera Reddy garu. The building has total plinth area of about 51,559 sq.ft. with state of art facilities like library, Auditorium, laboratories, computer lab etc. The students of this college are trained for their in-plant training in prestigious institutes like Indian Institute of Horticulture Research, Bangalore, CRIDA, Hyderabad, Cental Soil water Conservation Research Training Institute, Udagamandalam, Andhra Pradesh Foods, Hyderabad, Central Farm Machinery Training and testing Institure, Budini, Southern Farm Machinery training and testing Institute, Anantapur, Corporate Industries like M/s Monsanto India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, M/s Jain Irrigation system India Pvt Ltd, Jalagoan, M/s Netafim Irrigation Pvt Ltd. The college is one of the important Agricultural Engineering Colleges in the country. It will boost the economy of the country through manpower development in the field of agriculture and generate lot of employment opportunities to the local people. There was 100% placement for the first batch students i.e 2008 batch. There was 75% placements through campus selection for the second batch i.e 2009 Batch. One student got All India level 1st Rank in ICAR-JRF exam in ST quota and got admission in IARI, New Delhi. Every year 5 students from different states join the college under ICAR quota.

Our Vision

To make the College of Agricultural Engineering, Madakasira an integrated center for academic excellence of agricultural engineering education and research in agriculture and allied fields in making agriculture more remunerative farmers.

Our Mission

To serve the farming community and enhance their quality of life through excellence in education, research, development and transfer of agricultural technologies.