May 23, 2024

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering (FMPE)

            The Department of Farm Machinery and Power plays key role for the sustainable agriculture which involves in “Intervention of Agricultural Machinery by involving the principles and application of Agricultural Engineering technologies in agriculture right from field preparation, intercultural operations, harvest and post harvest operation and storage of agricultural produce so as to enable the Farmers to incur higher productivity with less farm inputs (initial capital, labour, seed, time, etc) and human drudgery reduction” . Mechanical power namely tractors, power tillers, diesel & petrol engines, tractor drawn & self propelled combiners are in use by the Indian farmers in many cropping systems. Field preparation has got mechanized comparatively to greater extent in all the cropping systems in India. Precision agriculture technologies include recent advances in electronic devices, use of drones, use of robotics in agriculture, application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), etc will help the stakeholders.

Courses offered by the Department:

  1.  Tractor and Automotive Engines (FMPE 211)                                             : 3 (2+1)
  2. Farm Machinery and Equipment – I (FMPE 311)                                         : 3 (2+1)
  3. Tractor Systems and Controls (FMPE 312)                                                   : 3 (2+1)
  4. Farm Machinery and Equipment – II (FMPE 313)                                       : 3 (2+1)
  5. Tractor and Farm Machinery Operation and Maintenance (FMPE 314)       : 2 (0+2)
  6. Mechanics of Tillage and Traction (FMPE 411)                                            : 3 (2+1)

Carrier opportunities:  

Carrier opportunities in Research & Development wing of Tractor, Machinery, Implements & Automobile Companies, Marketing sectors in Tractors, Agricultural Machinery and Implements manufacturing units, Teaching and Scientific field in various Agricultural Universities, Agricultural Research Stations, NGO’s, Irrigation companies as landscape designers, entrepreneurs in tractor and implements sector, etc

There is provision for pursuing P.G in Farm Machinery & Power Engineering with B.Tech (Ag. Engg).

Available Staff:

  1. Er. N. Kishore , Assistant Professor & Head
  2. Er. D. Srigiri, Assistant Professor