July 18, 2024

Officer in charge of Academic Matters

Brief Profile

Name:    B.V. MOHANA RAO

Email ID:    bv.mohanrao@angrau.ac.in & jayasree0mohan@gmail.com

Phone No:  7732020026

Academic Qualification:                      M.Tech (Ph.D. under progress)

Department:                                           Soil and Water Conservation Engineering.

Designation:                                            Assistant Professor

Additional duty:              i/c.  Library Assistant, Member Village Adaption Committee & College Reports.               

Subject specialist:            Micro Irrigation, Drainage, Protected Cultivation and Surveying & Leveling 

Research Publications: International/National journals: 02

                                         Conference Proceedings: 01

                                         Books and Book chapters: 01(Course Material)

                                        Technical bulletins:  01

                                        Popular articles:                        02

Professional recognition:

  • Discharged duties as Transport Officer, Vice-Principal (APT, Madakasira), Trainings i/c, & E.L.P. i/c.

Awards & Honors:     Nil