June 17, 2024

Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (SWCE)

Soil and Water Conservation Engineering is under the Agricultural Engineering which works on natural resource management for sustainable agricultural production. The students who study in this department is involved in the teaching, research and extension activities related to soil and water conservation

Soil and water conservation engineering is the application of engineering principles to the solution of soil and water management problems. The conservation of these vital resources implies utilization without waste so as to make possible a high level of production which can be continued indefinitely.Agricultural Engineers in Soil and Water Conservation, Sound soil and water conservation is based upon the full integration of engineering, plant, and soil sciences. The agricultural engineer because of his training in soils, plants, and other basic agricultural subjects, in addition to his engineering background, is well suited to carrying out the integration of these three sciences.

Courses offered by the Department:

Sl. No.Course NoCourse TitleNumber of Credit Hours
1.SWCE 241Watershed Hydrology2 (1+1)
2,SWCE 242Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3(2+1)
3.SWCE 341Watershed Planning and Management2 (1+1)
4.SWCE 342Water Harvesting and Soil Conservation Strictures3(2+1)

Carrier opportunities:

  • A significant number of government job posts are offered for successful graduates of this course, like the opportunity to join the Assistant Executive Engineer, Village Assistant in State Governments etc. and in the private sector, Irrigation Engineer in Drip Irrigation Company’s
  • There is provision for pursuing P. G/PhD in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering with B.Tech (Agril.Engg.)


  1. Dr. ASHOKKUMAR NARALASETTY, Assistant Professor
  2. Er. B.V. MOHANA RAO, Assistant Professor