April 24, 2024

Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering:

       The primary objective of the department of  Irrigation & Drainage Engineering is to give intellectual knowledge about understanding of soil, water and plant relationships and the application of engineering principles in distributing water to support useful plant size. Currently the departmental activities include development of irrigation water management technologies, Soil less cultivate hydroponics and green house technology. The department at present offers following undergraduate course.

S. NoCourse No.Title of the CourseCredit hours
1.IDEN 231Ground Water, Wells and Pumps3 (2+1)
2.IDEN 232Irrigation Engineering3 (2+1)
3.IDEN 331Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation System2 (1+1)
4.IDEN 332Drainage Engineering2 (1+1)

Anyone who can solve the problems of Water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes, one for Peace and one for Science.    —-John. F. Kennedy


1.Dr.G.Muralee Krishna, Professor & Head

2. Er.Ch.Ratna Raju, Assistant Professor