July 18, 2024

Dr. G. Muralee Krishna

Brief Profile

Name:             Dr.G. MURALEE   KRISHNA

Designation     :   Professor (Irrigation & Drainage Engg.)

Email ID :        murrili23@gmail.com

Phone No:     9866832755

Academic Qualification:       PhD (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)

Department:   Irrigation &Drainage Engineering.

Additional duty:   Officer  In charge of  Placement

Subject specialist:  Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Research Publications:  International/National journals:    18

                                              Conference Proceedings:               03

                                      Books and Book chapters:             Nil

                                     Technical bulletins:                        Nil

                                       Popular articles:                              25

Professional recognition:

  1. Development of “Ananta Groundnut Planter’ :

            I had developed the “Ananta Groundnut Planter” for sowing the groundnut seeds in a systematic way during Kharif season of 2005 This was achieved by modifying the existing CRIDA planter at Agricultural Research Station, Anantapur to suit the local conditions for labour and time saving.

            The eight row planter can be operated by a 35 HP tractor for sowing of groundnut  seed. The planter consists of seed box with inclined plate seed metering mechanism, drive wheel and a cultivator frame. The seed box is connected to furrow through seed tube. Each seed is handled separately by the inclined plate to deliver the seed into furrow. A straight harrow blade is fixed behind the furrow openers to cover the furrow after seed placement. The depth of seed placement can be adjusted by gauge wheels fitted to the planter.

The inclined disc plate seed metering mechanism will give correct seed to seed distance and maintains the recommended seed rate of 90 to 100 Kg/ha. The seed damage is negligible and placement of seed is at proper depth of 5 cm. The field capacity is as high as 6 to 7 ha/day and can cover more area before the soil is dried. The cost of sowing operation is around Rs. 400/ha. Timely and precession sowing operation could be achieved by this planter.

         This Ananta Planter was successfully tested in farmers’ fields in more than 100 villages during 2005-2009. The germination and plant population was to the full satisfaction of the farmers. During sowing season there is a great demand for these planters. By use of these planters the total groundnut cultivable area in the zone can be covered in the limited time left over after rainfall event and timely sowing can be achieved under rain fed conditions. Timely operation can yield more production and net returns increased to the dry land farmers. Cost of cultivation could be minimized. Farmers felt happiness over the working conditions of the planter.

Performance details of the Ananta Planter.

Sl. No.Name of the PlanterSeed rate (kg/ha)Plant population (sq. mt.)Average plant to plant distance (cm)Field capacity (ha/hr)
1.Ananta Groundnut planter903310.230.50

Awards & Honors:

1. Received the Meritorious Research Scientist Award of ANGRAU for the year 2010 given during Annual Convocation in March   2014.

2. Qualified in ICAR –Senior Research Fellowship (Post Graduate Studies)-2011 examination   and secured All India 2nd Rank