June 17, 2024

Department of Processing and Food Engineering

Department of Processing and Food Engineering (PFEN)

The Department of Processing and Food Engineering is primarily involved in the development of technologies in the field of Agricultural and Food Engineering and disseminating the technologies to the farmers and other stake holders. It is achieved through the mandate of the College of Agricultural Engineering, Madakasira viz., teaching, research and extension activities. This department offers courses on Agricultural and Food Process Engineering for the B.Tech. (Ag.Engg.) Programme. The course is structured to impart knowledge to students in the latest innovative technologies in the field of food process engineering, like food preservation, handling of perishables, value-addition of agricultural and horticultural commodities, packaging technology, dairy, meat, poultry and fish processing technologies. Totally 5 UG courses are being offered by this department.

The students will be trained in the department under SRY (Student READY) programme on “Operation and maintenance of agro-processing equipment” and “Processing and value addition of Agri-horticultural produce”. Further, they will be imparted hands-on-training under the experiential learning (EL) programme on “Processing and value addition Centre for Fruits and Vegetables”. Under the EL programme, the students will get acquainted with the latest processing technologies to produce different value added products (fruits jams, jellies, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, millet bakery products such as millet bread, bun, cake, muffins, biscuits etc,) from agri-horticultural produce. These products will be marketed by the students themselves and earn the profit out of it.

Courses offered by the Department:

  1. Engineering Properties of Biological Materials, PFEN 221, 2 (1+1)
  2. Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control, PFEN 321, 3(2+1)
  3. Post Harvest Engineering of Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds, PFEN 322, 3(2+1)    
  4. Post Harvest Engineering of Horticultural Crops, PFEN 323, 2(1+1)
  5. Dairy and Food Engineering, PFEN 324, 3(2+1) 
  6. Heat and Mass Transfer, AEBE 261, 2(2+0)
  7. Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, AEBE 267, 3(2+1)                             

Carrier opportunities:  

The food processing Industry recruits professional in the different sector of the food industry such as analytical chemists, research scientists, biochemists, agricultural engineers, home economists and managers and accountants. Graduates can pursue M.Tech. and Ph.D. in the field of Food Process Engineering, Processing and Food Engineering, Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Industrial Engineering, Food Supply Chain Management, Food Safety and Quality Management, Food Process Engineering and Management, Food Technology and Management, Food Plant Operations Management at different ICAR, SAU’s and National and International Institutes.


  1. Dr. B. Manjula , Assistant Professor & Head